Rachael Barlock



True Self Expression + Minimizing Environmental Impact

My personal style is a mix of functional footwear for my 80-year-old feet, the perfect thrifted find, and accessories that clash but somehow tie it all together. My love for curating my wardrobe came from a place of finally embracing my unique-ness as a person and wanting to do better for the earth. I try to only wear clothes that have been loved before or have been intentionally made with the environment and longevity in mind. The same goes for my jewelry.


Radical Hens is a project I've started with my bff. She coined the title when planning a bachelorette party, which used to be called hen parties. But we're RADICAL, wild and fun; not well-behaved hens. She titled this bach weekend a "gathering of radical hens" and the brand was born. We are constantly selling from our closet, getting you the best thrifted finds! Check us out on instagram!

Have a question specific to rad hens? Email us at radicalhens@gmail.com.