Rachael Barlock


Finally, a beach day.


I’m not good at not being busy. When I have days off, I create to-do lists for myself and then stress myself out when I can’t get it all done. A very good way to increase the anxiety that I am supposed to be trying to minimize. Well, last weekend, I finally took some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful Michigan summer. Still had to-do lists on what snacks to pack, but OLD HABITS DIE HARD OKAY?

Josh and I went to Lakeport State Park. We knew we wanted to go a little out of the way to try to avoid swarms of people. It was between this and Kensington Metropark, and we chose Lake Huron.


I obviously wanted a photo-worthy floaty, but I’m really sick of seeing avocados and pizza slices, and the swan things seem uncomfortable and not at all relaxing? Enter trusty amazon (bc obvi I didn’t decide until Thursday that I needed one).


I got this one - $14
and this one - $13

Both were easy to inflate with my air compressor, but would’ve likely taken some serious lung power otherwise. I’m definitely going to take them to puerto rico this fall, and I hope we can inflate on our own!

I only brought the rainbow on our beach day, but I’m looking forward to confetti noodle action, soon.


This beach had a big ol’ parking lot, then a pedestrian bridge you crossed over to get to the actual park. It was fun, and I felt v cool carrying my rainbow.

The beach was a day-use part of the state park with tons of grassy areas for picnic-ing, and then easy beach access.

There were a lot of people, but we were able to still find a spot that wasn’t TOO close to other people. Growing up in the UP, I was so spoiled by going to the Lake Superior beaches and not seeing A N Y O N E. Seriously, not another person most times I went. Insane.


My beach essentials are:
Beach sheet to mark your territory and spread out your stuff. No picnic blanket necessary, a flat sheet will do! The perfect use for vintage sheets that don’t match.
Snacks including water, adult bevs, savory AND sweet. I brought grapes in a stasher bag, but also dill pickle chips, and sugar wafers.
Hat to protect my sensitive ghost skin, duh. I have this woven one, but I’m really tempted to get one of these visor things.
Sunscreen. I’ve been using Public Goods sunscreen. It’s thick, but I like the ingredient list, the packaging, and have not burnt once this summer.
Towel for actual drying. The beach sheet does the lying down part.
Sunglasses. I’ve been ordering (a lot, oops) on Poshmark. You can get so much good stuff on Posh. It’s insane.
and now Rainbow Float Friend.

I brought my Big Bud Press backpack to store the towels and snacks in. My swimmies are both Aerie.


My actual wonderful gem of a human boyfriend got up from his manga and took some photos of me floating, and damn, he’s the best. The water was insanely warm, and it was a beautiful day.

And actually, the float isn’t just cute, it was really comfy. The cloud is a pillow and I floated for quite a while.

Hope this inspired you to enjoy the last bits of summer! Or at least go hard on some dill pickle chips.