Rachael Barlock


Chicago Food Weekends

My pal Nyree and I started a tradition where we visit each other and have ultimate food and friendship weekends. I took a few photos on my visit with her this summer and then again in the fall.

Check out the map for my favorite restaurants, shops, and hangs.

Jeni’s (vegan) ice cream before the Fly Honey show.

Copy of FH020017.jpg

We went to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum on the same day as an air show so we had the butterfly house to ourselves. Butterflies have a depressingly short lifespan.


Friggin DOUG.


Lil street carnival. We got sugar-filled, fresh squeezed lemonade but then couldn’t pay for it because they only accepted tokens. RIP lemons.

In September, I was a vendor at Renegade Chicago with Hazel + Dolly. The following day was my birthday and I strolled around Chicago alone after being treated by my angel friend to breakfast and a pedicure.

My first time at the Art Museum.