Rachael Barlock


Dingle + Dublin // Ireland

So after an amazing and exhausting week in Scotland to celebrate my bff's wedding (check out my long-ass blog post about Scotland to see some stuff from there), I met up with my other bff, ALSO named Megan, and her husband Drew, and we explored Ireland. 

It's super easy to get from the Edinburgh Airport to the city center using the tram -- I think it cost maybe 8 pounds? Not bad, and there's wifi on the tram! 
I joined them at their airbnb, which was this killer apartment that was decorated so perfectly!  You can check it out via that link, but I also snapped some photos. FYI you'll DEF hear bagpipes -- it's right on the Royal Mile. 

On my previous trip to Edinburgh, I stayed with some of the wedding crew, and we went on a Mercat Tour called Doomed, Dead, and Buried. It was a really cool tour underground in some of the old abandoned storefronts as well as some of the cemeteries. They tell spooky stories, and did a fantastic job telling historic facts + tales of experiences. They also do standard historical tours if you're not into the spooks (but it wasn't bad, scary-wise -- I'd highly recommend the spooky one). 

So we woke up super early after dinner + drinks (at The Outsider) at our one night in Edinburgh, got the tram to the airport & flew to Dublin. Stood in line at customs for 2 long ass hours, and finally got through and to our rental car. We drove straight from Dublin to the Dingle Peninsula (ya girl slept in the back seat most of that ride). 

In Dingle, we stayed at 'The Sanctuary' airbnb. Meg & Mike were the cutest + most amazing hosts. We arrived to freshly baked scones, and chatted with them for a bit about local cuisine & their favorite haunts. They had a bunch of great recommendations that we ended up trying. Check out my Ireland map for all the spots. We walked around a bit near the property, spotted some shells, met some cows, had some wine. 

The next day we ventured out into Dingle. Hit up this cute lil coffee shop/food shop, Crinkle. Super cute ceramics, treats, good coffee. 


We wandered around town -- it's not super huge, then Drew drove us around the landscape. Some killer views. The ocean was hella cold. There were all sorts of artists shops along this narrow mountain roads, a lot of ceramics & fiber art. This one had some weird but amazing ceramic masks. 



That night we spiffed up + saw live music at a pub. I had some bougie G+T's. The music was great! 


The next day we went out on a chartered tour of the Michael Skellig Islands, which are where the newest Star Wars movies were filmed. 

We learned a bunch about Gannets, the birds that hang on those islands. We saw puffins, seals, and the amazing old structures that the monks built that they used as the jedi huts for the movies. So cool! 

BONUS! There was a dog on our boat!

We bummed around that area for a bit, but then headed back to Dingle for dinner. 

I can't remember which day we ate at Pantri, but they had vegan & gf options. Cute outdoor seating, though it was hot as hell when we were there. Nearly unbearable in the open sun to wanna eat, but I loved the food! 


Lotsa cheesy souvenir shops, which you know i love. 

Another cute lil coffee shop - Bean in Dingle. 

We drove back to Dublin the next day. We stayed at an airbnb above L. Mulligan Grocer, a killer restaurant that had a fantastic vegan option AND VEGAN FONDUE.  We ate there that night AND the following night. 

We wandered around Dublin for a bit, had coffee + snacks. This macaroon shop was adorable. Also this vintage jewelry shop was full of wonderful goodies

It's not very often we find a place where Drew + Megan can have meat, Megan can have GF options, and I can eat good vegan options. We found that in Brother Hubbard. They have two locations in Dublin. Lots of yummies. 


The Rolling Donut has a bunch of locations, too! They had a huge selection of vegan donuts and they were soooooo good, as evidenced by this reaction. 

Trinity College was beautiful. The architecture + masonry was just gorgeous! 

Love Supreme was a great! Super cute, and the first day we got there, they had their sign painted over and just had 'YES' painted on the store front. We were in Ireland just after voters had voted 'yes' to repeal abortion! Fantastic news, and a great time to be there! By the time we went back for coffee and photos, sadly it had been painted over again, but I'm glad we saw it!


That was it for Ireland. You can check out my map to look at some of the other spots we checked out!