Rachael Barlock


Toronto | Canada

I visited Toronto a few weekends in Summer + Fall 2017. Found so many cool places! I can't wait to go back. Here are some photos from my disposable camera. 

Here's the link to my Toronto map, which includes a few neighborhoods + a ton of vegan restaurants. Some I tried and loved, some I didn't get to! If you try em, lemme know!

Trinity Bellwoods Park has a bunch of people doing all sorts of activities in the summer. We brought beers and played cards to sit in some green space and enjoy the sun. 

There were SO many gorgeous tiny front yards that were blooming with all sorts of greenery + flower + fruit! I loved it. 


Ontario Place is this weird, amazing park that used to be a theme park. I felt like I was in Jurassic Park. It was great (too hot though, woof). 

Obviously I'm going to visit a place if it's a plant store and has a great brick wall for me to take a photo in front of. duh. 

Allen Gardens is a free conservatory! I hate that this photo is just a TINY bit crooked, ha. 

I think this bar was in the Queens West/Kensington neighborhood. I didn't go in, just loved the sign :) If it's in the neighborhood I'm thinking, you def should check it out. Tons of cool resale clothing shops, little coffee shops, ice cream shops, restaurants! V cool.